Close Protection Workplace Assessment

TSU Training Solutions offers a Close Protection Refresher Course for personnel that possess a CPO qualifcation.

CPO Workplace Assessment

Course Details:

Workplace Assessment is the process of determining a person’s competency and knowledge based on his/her training received. The evidence is that of a person who has already the relevant knowledge and skills, to determine if the CPO needs to go through re-training. The aim of WPA is to provide operational trained, CPO,s feedback on the skills demonstrated.

Competency Assessment:

• CPO Subject Matter Knowledge Exam (Theory)
• Advanced First Aid (Theory)
(Provided that the date on the medical certificate is still relevant, if dates are not relevant and expired then a 5 day Advanced First Aid program will have to be completed)
• Demonstrate Knowledge of Firearms control Act.
(60 of 2000) (Theory)

• Fitness
• Driving skills / Vehicle inspections
• Defensive tactics / Unarmed combat skills
• Handgun assessment (HUHBP, Close Protection Shoot)
• Close protection foot formations
• Immediate action drills (IAD’s) during foot formations
• Provide first aid as an advance first responder
• Immediate action drills during vehicle formations

• Individual scenario assessment
• Principal’s brief and risk profiling
• Plan the transit operation of a principal that includes a
foot & vehicle escort
• Demonstrate the protection of the principal during
foot, vehicle and venue protection
• Execute the operation
• Conduct a debriefing

Course Duration:

5 Days