Executive Protection Training

TSU Training Solutions offers an Executive Protection Training Course in South Africa. Under the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001, all individuals wishing to work as a CPO in the private security industry must undertake a SASSETA recognised CPO program before he/she can register as a CPO with PSIRA.

Close Protection Officer Course

TSU has a reputation for delivering a close protection security training service of the highest standard.

Program Details:

The close protection course is a 31 day training program
for the person who wants to further a career in the close
protection environment.


The course is aligned with the accredited SAQA ID
58696 qualification and PSIRA CPO qualifications and
compliment the following SASSETA Unit Standards.

• Provide static protection to designated persons -U/S 244317;
• Provide close protection to designated persons whilst in transit
– U/S 244319;
• Provide pedestrian escort to designated persons within a close protection environment – U/S 244327;
• Compile a threat and risk assessment for a close protection operation
– U/S 244330;
• Provide close protection to a designated person whilst embus and debus
 – U/S 244334;
• Explain the requirements of becoming a security service provider
 – U/S 246694.
• Demonstrate physical defensive restraining techniques – U/S 120486.

Course Content:

The following outcomes are covered during this intensive physical and mentally demanding course.

• Interpersonal skills
• Use of close protection vehicle techniques
• Venue-based security
• Close protection teamwork
• Managing threats and risk assessment
• Operational planning
• Surveillance Awareness
• Conflict management skills
• The role and responsibilities of a close protection operative
• Law and legislation
• Reconnaissance
• Medical emergency and trauma training
• Foot techniques associated with close protection
• Route selection
• Searching of vehicles and venues
• Incidents and dilemmas
• Anti and counter-surveillance
• Close quarter combat
• Weapon disarming

Advanced Driver Training
• Apply Advanced Driving Skills
• Defensive Driving
• Offensive Driving
• Vehicle Inspections
• Maintenance of Vehicles

• Provide first aid as an Advance First Responder
U/S-376480 SASSETA Accredited
• Advance First Aid

Firearms Competency (Unit Standards):
• Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 60/2000 (U/S 117705)
• Handle and Use of a Handgun (U/S 119649)
• Handle and Use of a Handgun for Business Purposes (U/S 123515)
• Apply tactical knowledge in the use of a firearm (U/S 123510)

Physical Fitness & Unarmed Combat:
• Cardio vascular fitness
• Speed
• Strength
• Endurance
• Edged weapon defense
• Movement and punches
• Restraining techniques
• Unarmed combat defensive techniques
• Striking techniques
• Clinch work, locks and take downs
• Multiple attacker skills
• Cutting and restraining application

Entry Requirements:
• Driver’s License
• Preferable tactical experience
• Exceptional weapon handling skills
• Basic knowledge and understanding of medical terminologies
• Grade 12

Course Duration:

31 Days (excluding Sundays & Public Holidays