Specialised Training

TSU Training Solutions offer security training courses in South Africa, which provide you with the knowledge you need to be prepared for real world risks.

Prepared To Take Action

Specialised courses offered to Military, Law Enforcement and Security Industries globally.

TSU operates within a niche market and has, over a period of twenty years, become highly regarded and recognised within the market as a leader, offering a world-class service.

TSU Training Solutions is supported by the respected infrastructure and network already implemented by TSU Protection Services, the market leader in Executive Protection in South Africa.

With our training based on the same methodologies as globally performed by Police, Military and Specialised Security Forces, we offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise. We take pride in our services and present courses that have been tested through experience gained during tactical operations. TSU Training Solutions will design and structure a course to suit the specific needs and requirements of our valued clients.